Indivisible Prototype is actually an alpha build of an upcoming, fully funded IndieGoGo campaign for the game Indivisible. Indivisible looks to be a game to keep on our radars as it advertises itself to bring together gameplay elements from Metroid and Valkyrie Profile. An interesting hybrid indeed. One thing to note when looking at the following screenshots is the art style. If you followed the campaign for Skullgirls several years ago, it should come as no surprise that Indivisible’s character designs, while considerably less silly, would fit right at home in that title with it’s gorgeous and large sprites. That’s because the development studio, Lab Zero, is bringing Indivisible to life with a little help from 505 games.


But an alpha is a showcase of the gameplay and concept and how does Indivisible fair thus far? Surprisingly well actually. While the systems are a bit limited at the moment, I can’t help but see loads of potential in this interesting mash-up.


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As the main character Ajna, the player will be be navigating a few small temples as one would in any other 2D platformer, but with the twist of also finding tools/weapons that will allow for further world traversal much like a standard metroidvania title. During my 40 minute play session with the prototype I only ran across an axe, which served not only as a great weapon upgrade, but also as a means to destroy vines and scale walls. This made exploration much more varied, rewarding, and I can just imagine all the clever puzzles the developers could devise to require the player to use multiple tools on the fly.


Ajna can use these items, as well as her fists, to attack enemies throughout each level, but enemies aren’t thwarted so easily. Think of attacking an enemy as gaining the first strike on an unsuspecting victim. Wack an enemy and watch as Indivisible fluidly morphs from a 2D platformer to a real-time rpg combat scenario. It’s great that gameplay isn’t bogged down by a transitional period.


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From here the player must manage each character’s action bars and battle commands. During the prototype, Ajna will gather three companions and each is mapped to one of the four main buttons on a controller. If you want a particular character to attack press their corresponding button. This gives the player the ability to attack with multiple characters at a time for big damage. Combine that with directional inputs that can alter attacks, a party shared stamina gauge that can be used to guard and perform especially powerful moves, and it’s obvious that Lab Zero put a lot of thought into combat. While it starts dreadfully simple, I started to have a lot of fun timing attacks and my defenses against some of the more nasty encounters.


Indivisible has a lot going for it and I’m hopeful that the gaming community will hear more about it’s development life cycle throughout 2016. The prototype can be downloaded for free on the Playstation 4 andI highly consider it worth a look. Also, check out the IndieGoGo page at:




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