ArtPlay and Inti Creates just dropped an unexpected bombshell on Castlevania and Bloodstained fans alike today. Koji Igarashi and team have clearly been hard at work and excited to announce a direct sequel to the well received Bloodstained Curse of the Moon. Merely a stretch goal for the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter campaign, Curse of the Moon was a love letter to the good old days of 8-bit action games and not to be missed.

New playable character Robert

In the trailer we get introduced to all playable characters coming to Curse of the Moon. Bloodstained alumni Zangetsu will be returning for further demon slaying fun along with 3 new teammates. One of the main antagonists of Ritual of the Night, Dominique, will bring aid with a long range spear and various healing/attack magic. Robert the sharpshooter will bring a pinch of Contra to the mix with various firearms and bombs. Last, but certainly not anywhere close to being the least interesting, we’ve got Hachi the Corgi. Hachi brings along his magically infused armored mech to bring the pain. Character designs and gameplay look more interesting then the original and hopefully creative level layouts leverage each characters tool set in diverse ways.

Zangetsu back in action

What’s even crazier then the announcement itself, is how far along in development the game appears to be. Many bosses and a variety of levels are shown off in the short 2 minute video. As expected the game has an almost identical 8-bit art style to the original and levels/bosses look well designed so far. Unless Curse of the Moon 2 is substantially longer then the original, it’s likely that much of the game is already complete. To solidify that theory, the thumbnail for the video and last few seconds of the trailer state that the title is “Coming Soon”. Now that’s not exactly a confirmation of release date or even an estimate, but based on what the team had to show off, I’d wager the title drops around Christmas this year.

Really there aren’t enough dogs piloting mecha in gaming

Some fans might be put off by a sequel coming out so soon, especially with all of the promised dlc for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night being delayed for future release and believe me that was the first thing that came to mind after my initial hype. It’s hard to complain about getting more of a good thing, assuming the game comes out in as polished of a state as the original and at such a low price of ten dollars. Look out for more coverage as we here more, but for now take solace that even though Konami is squandering the Castlevania IP, ArtPlay is hard at work filling the void.

Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 Announcement Trailer

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