Mega Man X (SNES) Review

  An Action Packed Game That Proves That Mega Man Has More To Offer Even After 6 Classic Titles!  The Mega Man series is one that needs no introduction and it’s a shame that the legacy has come to standstill in the past years with no end in sight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t … Continue reading Mega Man X (SNES) Review

Castlevania (NES) Review

A Grand Romp Amongst the Undead and Dracula’s Other Ghoulish Minions! Back in 1987 a little known game called Castlevania was published by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainments System. From the opening theme to the gothic tapestry of environments you will be exploring, Castlevania just screams fun. Gameplay Like most games of the 8-bit era, … Continue reading Castlevania (NES) Review