2013’s Rogue Legacy was an instant classic and it’s no surprise that Cellar Door Games is looking to bring fans another dose of family dysfunction and rock solid 2D exploration in 2020. The developers just dropped a rather quirky trailer to announce that Early Access is right around the corner. July 23rd can’t come soon enough and will provide a great opportunity for fans and newcomers alike to test the game and provide feedback. Titles such as Dead Cells and Skul have taken great amounts of inspiration from the original Rogue Legacy and built upon the foundation in many clever ways. Lets take a peak at how Rogue Legacy 2 is looking to evolve back into the heir to the throne.

Barbarian shows no fear in the “heat” of battle

RL2 looks to up the anti with exploration with the new heirlooms system which will create metroidvania inspired progression. The developers state that these will be permanent upgrades to your gameplay that will aid in unveiling the worlds secrets. Upgrades like this can be pretty boring if they simply turnout to be run-of-the-mill, couple-time use keys to get past arbitrary environmental barriers. RL2 is looking to incorporate them within combat as well to create power-ups that “fundamentally change how you play.” If true, this is one of the most exciting additions to the series.

Fire Mage Descendant

It’s hard to miss the new art direction that Cellar Door Games has created for RL2. It’s very compelling, full of character, and perfect for a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The new environment pallets also look diverse and it will be interesting to see how each biome effects gameplay. If nothing else they will be a nice change of pace from the mostly castle interiors of RL1.

Unhealthy Odds

If all of that doesn’t sound like a decent set of upgrades, RL2 will come with several new class archetypes along with a variety of weapons. Archers and mages will have their own weapons at the ready to keep combat fresh between playthroughs. New and improved talent tree, new and quirky perks for each new heir, and new accessibility features for less experienced gamers are all here too. Rogue Legacy seems to be a meatier and more refined experience from what the community knows so far. Early Access should shed more light on many of these systems, but so far it doesn’t look like the developers are simply taking the easy road out and cashing in on an uninspired sequel.

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